Tropigrill / pollo Tropical orlando Florida


Complaint: ive been harassed/mistreated numerous times.. not only at this tropigrill but several locations. I’ve been to this tropigrill many times as they’ve messed my order up or given bad food ro bad tortillas. the employees are obnoxious and sickeningly rude and nasty for no reason….after complaniing about previous mistreatment, instead of rectifying the situation, i went back to the place only for the smart a** male manager there to yell “OHH ITS OUR “”VIP”” CUSTOMER”” rudely and condescendingly… well as other things and he continues to make derogatory remarks everytime i go there. recently

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Address: i went to place an order

Website: but eventually went back…the manager wasn’t rude or mean but they were trash talking me to each other as I was there…. why are these food service psychopaths harassing female customers on a regular basis for no erason and picking on them and getting away with it– it’s not just there is no customer service anymore– it’s bullying harassing and terrorizing customers is the way of the hideous food service psychos and freaks you find today — and upper management never cares and continues allowing this injustice of a person or a customer… I was also harassed numerous times and yelled at at the tropigrill location on e colonial drive and 434—called in many times only for the hotline and upper management to do nothing about it and keep the same obnoxious bullies that work there and continue to allow them to do this to innocent customers for no reason…. Melissa orlando

Phone: and the manager was being very rude to me…I asked if there was another manager there and the jerk said no and i asked for someone else to help me…he called over an equally nasty hispanic male

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