TRS Limited Muncy Pennsylvania Review


I ordered some health suppliments from this company back in February 2016, which turned out to be a rip off as this company tried to charge my credit card several times after the initial purchase. This was disputed with my credit card company and it was discovered that it was fraudulent. I had my cards cancelled and replaced so that this could not happen again. Now almost a year later, I receive a 2 notices from some company called Tate & Kirlin Associates INC for the same amount, claiming I now owe $179.97. I called them and explained that it was fraudulent and they told me that I need to reply in writing within 30 days that the charges do not belong me if I want to dispute them. They are claiming I checked some box on the website agreeing to receive further suppliments and had to cancel within ten days so now I owe said amount. They also claim that they have my ip address listed on the original order and can prove that I owe this amount. What is ridiculous is that this company tried to rip me off and is now threatening to destroy my credit. Today they call me and are trying to get me to pay said amount and stating that they are going to go ahead with turning g this into collections against my credit. Something has to be done about these two companies as they are clearly trying to rip off consumers.

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