Truffoire – selling products at Boston MA Review


My 80-year old Mother was lured into a temporary “pop-up”” shop called “”Life Benefits”” at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis MA tht is an independent distributor of the Truffoire skin products. My Mom has early stage dementia. She was tired and vulnerable and took the sales girl’s bait of a free sample. The salesperson made lots of false claims “”Their products are cheaper and more effective than a facelift”” and that some of their lotions have topical botox (no such thing exists!). No amount of skin lotions will do anything of note to an 80-year-old woman with deep lines and wrinkles. The salesperson knew this but these people prey on the elderly. The salesperson started asking her personal questions such as “”How much is your home worth?”” and what do your kids do – do they make a lot of money? What is your home address? Clearly

fishing to see how far up she could raise the prices. They have no set prices as far as my sister could tell when she went to the store the following day to talk to the manager. The salespeople make the prices up as they go along and say “”One Day Only Sale!”” every day. My Mom was told “”Special One Day Only Sale!”” and yet my sister heard that same line when she was in the store the next day. The sales people are super aggressive and manipulative. If their product is so good

why do you need to sell it so hard? Also

Go to ANY Dermatologist office and you will find legitimate skin care products that are more effective for half the price!!!!!! Also

the sales slip says no returns -exchange only and yet

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