TruGreen (Brunswick, OH)


They illegally renewed our contract in 2014. When we found out, we cancelled their services on 5/27/14. On 5/28/14, they sent out unauthorized services and fraudulently billed for $81.66. When I called them on it, their billing supervisor tried to shyster me into “splitting the difference” by having me pay for half of the fraudulent services. I was able to get him to remove the $81.66, but not the $27.47 from the initial unauthorized visit. I told him I would pay the $27.47 by check if he agreed to close our account and never contact us again, which I sent that day. Despite that, they called my fiance the same day and extorted $27.47 out of her, and then cashed my check a day later for the same $27.47. They refuse to refund the double charge. Some might say: $50, so what? It is the principle: lying, fraudulently charging, fraudulently billing. I am sure my experience is just a drop in the bucket of millions of dollars of fraud. Shut them down and drive them out of town. Any thing I can do to help, please call.. I demand Return of double billing for fraudulent unauthorized services. Stay away

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