Tucson Electric Review


The gentleman was Spanish speaking only with a Puerto Rican accent (I personally know lots of Puerto Ricans, I’m not being racist). He stated that our electric bill was delinquent and they would be shutting off our service unless we made a payment. I have worked in Spanish collections in the past. The word delinquent is NOT used for collections as it is ONLY used for those who are delinquents from the law. I gave him plenty of opportunities to say the name of my electric company in it’s entirety (Tucson Electric Power or TEP) but he only kept pronouncing "Tulson electric." Threatening to shut off my electric account within 30 minutes, I gathered as much info as I could. His bad attitude aside, I got the company’s call back number of 855-999-9463 His name is Ocar Cruz employee number 2331. I asked him for the state and city (in that order to confuse him if he truly were not in the contiguous states) and after 3 times he gave me the address of 5631 E. Santa Clara Ave. But refused to give me the city or state. Asking me if we’re interrogating him, I told him I have simply asked the city and the state of the call center, not the address. Having worked at call centers, the most we’ve ever given is the city and state. So, he was fed up with me and told me that since my account is delinquent he was going to be sending technicians to shut off my electric service within the next 30 minutes and he hung up.I called the number on my called ID: 800-456-9955. It is to Centinal Systems Corporation. When I spoke to a representative, she stated they work with Alarm system storage. I explained why I called and she indicated that she’s received approximately 30 calls today about the same thing.I then called TEP at 520-623-7711 (the number on the website) and verified that my account is current so I spoke to a representative. I have her the information I gathered but will notify the scam alert online if enough people reported it. I mentioned that my concern was for the elderly Spanish speaking community who do not know how to use the internet. If many more reports come in then they’ll add it to the automated system recording.Unfortunately, I think they are seeking the Spanish speaking community because Oscar refused to speak in English to me. The majority of Puerto Ricans know English and I’m quite certain TEP would not hire Spanish speaking only representatives.I hope the information I gathered is helpful. Thank you.

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