Tumi Complaint


Bought my 8th Tumi, a rolling brief bag, several years ago due to the fabulous lifetime warranty. Maybe a year or so ago it developed a problem where the handle would get stuck in the lowered position, so I lived with it not pushed down quite all the way. Finally broke down and took it in to Tumi, and the nice lady said for $25 they would send it to the repair center, which would fix/replace it and send it to me. Many weeks later, I called and found out they were holding it hostage until I paid $85 for a new handle plus $25 to send it back. If I told them to [censored] themselves, they would send it back unfixed for free, but if I paid their repair ransom, they would charge me $25 to get it back. What happened to this company? Just canceled my request for a new Tumi roll-aboard for Christmas. No more Tumi for me or my family, and I will be sure to spread the word. Hello Travel Pro.

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