Twist’n U, Inc. Review


At the beginning of visiting the Twist’n U gym, Jeremy Thompson was very accomodating, reassuring and deceptively helpful to the point of a blatantly lying sales pitch. He reassured a group of potential customers that the dues and monthly fees would be stress free to help the families that were struggling and he even went so far as to use his deceased Wife to illicit sales by stressing that her goal in life was to help people and provide cost effective gymnastics to kids that couldn’t afford it as well as the ones that can. Promises were made of fundraisers and participation by him and his staff to help any way they could. Once the contracts were signed and copies not provided to anyone, his demeaner changed drastically and demands for large amounts of payment upfront were presented as well as threats and harrassment. Upon trying to work with him to reasonably reach some common ground, he refused to acknowledge communication in any form. Emails, text messages and phone calls were ignored and even access to him at the facility was denied. He made no attempt to resolve the confusion and alleged outstanding balances and resorted directly to lawsuits of 4 people in the group that weren’t quickly willing to give in to his demands and wanted more information, mature discussion and rational resolution. He made it clear that his stance was pay him or else. It is clear to many parents and community members involved that his true motives are strictly profit driven and he, in no way whatsoever, cares about his customers.


  • Name: Twist’n U, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Lake Elsinore
  • Address: 17945 Collier Ave,
  • Phone: (951) 245-6969
  • Website:

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