Tyler dmitry Review


He’s nunber is 614-344-1063He goes by many namesHe’s also in Instagram he has videos pictures as he’s own from real sellersHe almost got me m 3 other people I knowHe wants us to sand him money or visa gift card threw Walmart as soon as we tell him we want the puppy’s golden retriver he gets very egressive and makes u run to the store. He only used WhatsApp won’t answer your phone calls n makes u get the app if you wanna text him about puppy’s I got he’s nunber from Instagram I though he was a sellerHe goes by many names n statesPlease stop this man i have all the text of mine n other friends and is the same story but he give them different names n differ locations . This is not rightIf u need prove I have it all on black n white .Text him m ask him u want puppies he will give u the same story .I have a lot Text from him but won’t let me scam more then one . I’m afraid because I gave him my adress n email n nameGave it to me to write contract didn’t have any red flags at that point into more into the convercetion . I’m afraid he’s gonna used my name to do scams

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