Tysa Dawn Alvis Florida Florida


Tysa works for my partner/sons father. he owns restaurants. She has a son about my sons age. She’s a single mom & new about us. She posted photos all over the internet about her #lovelife and #forhim and #datenight showing places he took her and flowers he sent her. Things started around the middle of September. She started sending naked photos OCT 1 2013. They got really heated in November when I was working a lot of evenings. My boyfriend wouldn’t answer his phone or show up when he said he would. Then he would all of a sudden call from a bathroom or his truck. He would say he was working or at a game and I found out she was there. She worked with him 5 nights a week. They made her schedule so that she was off the days he was supposed to be spending with our son and me, and then he told me he couldn’t take off (so he could spend time with her.) He was being so deceitful and I never bothered to check up on him. Finally, in December we did a family trip to Disney. It was a great trip, lots of fun. Then we came home and one night shortly after I decided to hack his email… All shit hit the fan. She sent multiple naked photos our 1st day out of town. Desperate? And he had saved all of the naked photos of her in a file. I asked him about the first one I found and he said he did it know anything about it. Then I found the motherload and asked him again. Clearly he was lying. So then I decided to hack his facebook. I found some stuff but not as bad.Shortly after I decided to message Tysa for her side of the story. I was polite. She clearly contacted my boyfriend because almost immediately after my boyfriend flipped out on me for no reason. When in reality the reason was very clear; however, he couldn’t say since he was sticking to his story of never speaking to her. That night I messaged her again, since I could see the time stamp of when she read my message, asking if she was going to respond (and a few other things like helping her market her services to my very large social networks) still no response. Immediately following my 2nd message she blocked me from everything and my boyfriend. I’m not going to lie, the past 8 months had not been good. And since we had our son our relationship had been a struggle but we talked and agreed that we wanted to be together and would be 100% committed to each other and our family.I know it takes two, and my boyfriend didn’t get to this place all alone. I take responsibility for my part in our struggling relationship. But he took it too far and he should have respected me and our family more. He didn’t just cheat on me, he cheated on our son also with Tysa’s son.My problem, still, with Tysa is this… She knew about my son and me and she didn’t care. All she cared about was herself. She had no respect for another woman or herself. I would never entertain someone’s boyfriend or husband! Even if they were legally separated, separated is still married. And when there are young kids involved you shouldn’t even consider a relationship an option, especially when she is also a single mom with a son almost the exact same age as ours. || I feel like she has gone about her life, like no big deal, going to her job 5 days a week at my boyfriend’s restaurant while rubbing my face in it everyday. I’m considering going to eat every night in her section until she decides to quit. My boyfriend hasn’t worked with her since early November 2013, when he opened his 2nd restaurant. However, this didn’t stop her from driving 40 minutes to see him. She has zero class.

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