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Complaint: This company has some huge problems. First off, they are way way to big for their own good. Secondly, because of this they have lost all touch with the paying customer. Third, anyone can be a uhaul distributor, even an old man who types with one finger at a lawn mower repair shop (bless his heart, probably the only honest helpful person affiliated with the company). I have a sneaky suspicion that the Devil runs this company, who knows but here is my ordeal. I personally went in to an actual U-Haul store a week and a half before my move that was located a convienant 2.2 miles from my house. I had a face to face reservation with a nice woman named tammy. Took my reservation paperwork home with me for a 26′ truck and thought all was well. Two days before my move I received a text message (Istill don’t know how that happened) from uhaul to confirm my reservation. Called the number and got one of those nice fax machine noises. Called tammy to find out what was uo and she informed me thier 26′ truck was broken and my reservation moved to a location about 15 miles away. I found this annoying and asked if the truck could be moved and found out since it was a one way move this could not happen. Got another phone number for the store, this time no fax machine noise, spoke with another very nice man about my reservation and confirmed everything was set for pickup at 7 am on a saturday (this on the thursday before). Next day around 330 I recieve another call from an old man to confirm my reservation at his location which was another 30 miles down the road, I think to myself I am moving only 45 miles north and now I need to drive approx 40 miles south to pick up a truck. To top it off he opened at 830 on sat not 7am like the other locations, I had movers coming at 730 getting paid by the hour. So there was about 50-80 bucks I was going to pay for huys to sit around waiting on me and a truck. I decided to pick it up that night but he closed at 530 it was 330 and I was 60 miles away from him and would have to fight friday rush hour to get there in time. Long story short he was helpful stayed open late and gave me the truck that night. I moved everything went well the truck was new and worked fine, now to turn it in uhaul gave me the address of the only drop off place in my area accepting the large truck, however they failed to mention it closed at noon on sat and were closed all sunday. I showed up at 4 pm with no place to drop it off in a secure location, and no place to park the thing overnight in my new complex, Took it to another store the next day where they tried to charge me another days rental until i flew off the handle and scared the bejesus out of the kid behind the desk, he actually said they were in the process of getting rid of uhaul due to their lack of customer support and other BS they pulled with them. To sum it up, it was a f-ing headache, the company’s name is synonomous with do-it-youself moves, its the first thing that pops into most folks minds when it comes time to move. they have a huge stake in the market and know it, inturn they treat you like crap, charge outrageous rental fees (170 for a oneway move with 50 miles). I know i coulld have used another company but my options were limited the day before my move. And don’t even get me started on the call center, dropped me twice, transfered me twice, tried the everyone here is a manager thing, on and on and on. here is my advice: Moving is already a headache save yourself the migrain and do not use these a– holes Keith Temecula, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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