Begin forwarded message: I tried to fix this with patience and logic, but Jet Airways seems to have ineffective dishonest employees who think little about servicing customers. I purchased a ticket far months in advance from Jet Airways, only to find out within days of my trip to India that they were closing their SFO hub. The left me with little choice but to keep my outbound ticket as my long-planned trip was so soon, biit I was assured that they would find me a suitable flight and upgrade me in order to make up for the hassle so close to departure. I am writing from India during my holiday because I am so upset. They have kept neither of these two promises. Why do corporate entities have to be this way? Is anyone surprised that an industry that treats its customers so badly is tanking? Without going into too much detail right now– because I am exhausted wasting time dealing with shoddy customer service and lying corporate stooges like one Mr. Narenda Mansukani, manager, customer service at Jet Airways– I wanted to warn anyone who was considering it, to bypass this airline. They are shady, they take your money, cancel your flight without notice, even when they know months in advance it”s going to happen, wait to tell you so you”re stuck with them, lie about how they”re handling it and ignore you for weeks trying to get you to shut up and take it. In effort to fight the power of a huge behemoth corporation, I just want to say right now, that Jet Airways sucks, bites, and blows. For over a month now, I have been trying to get someone at Jet Airways to be decent, but the only one I found was just laid off at their recently closed SFO hub. If I thought yet another sad, frustrated and angry tale of corporate greed and indifference to actual people was at all unique or interesting, or I thought it might extract a shred of integrity from this company, I”d give you details, but it isn”t, and it doesn”t seem a quality they possess, so for now I leave it at this. I will let you know if my opinion changes or if I run into anyone competent or helpful who still works at Jet Airways. (I have left out the many emails that preceded these with other equally ineffective Jet Airways representatives. I noticed today that they are trying to rent out their planes to the country of Oman. I guess they aren”t doing so well what with this kind of service apparently common for Jet Airways. Serves them right.) Mr. Masukhani et al. Please review your own words below. It is merely one excerpt from our multitude of conversations, but it”s quite clear what you have promised here: “On having reviewed your request, as an exceptional gesture of our goodwill, we will be pleased to upgrade you on the part segment of your affected return booking travel. ” We both know which parts of my flight have been a I have been affected sir–the entire return flight. So that is what you must upgrade. It is not up for discussion, it is what you said you would do. I have been exchanging mail with you for over a month, and even on my holiday, yet still, I am fighting to convince you to honor your own words. How awful of you to force me to deal with this unpleasantness, and while on holiday. How will you compensate me for that? I expect at the very least to hear from someone today, who is wise enough to execute your promise and prevent us all from having to waste more time on this matter. K. Beck Date: January 12, 2009 11:39:29 PM GMT+05:30 To: [protected]@jetairways.com Cc: [protected]@jetairways.com, [protected]@jetairways.com, [protected]@geoffreyweill.com Subject: Re: greetings Dear Mr. Mansukhani, My vacation is for the most part pleasant, although you are currently causing me to enjoy it much less. I find the content of your email insulting, and your decision to ignore your promise and the content of my messages is absolutely unacceptable. You agreed to upgrade our return flight and I expect you to honor that promise. Please do so immediately. I am truly upset by your treatment of us before and now during our holiday. Fortunately, I have saved the email you sent detailing your agreement to upgrade our “affected flights” and will not accept anything less than your follow through on that promise. Please explain to me in detail why you are “unable to ascertain” the upgrade you promised. Is it because in fact, you haven”t actually tried to do it? I just checked myself, and there are indeed first class seats available through United Airlines from Hong Kong to SFO on both of the dates I specified. In fact there are at least ten such flights on the 26th, and even more on the 27th. This leads me to believe you are not being truthful with me, yet again, or your Hong Kong contact is unreliable and you need to check with someone more competent. As far as I am concerned the flight is not complete nor confirmed. Further, I clearly stated that you could change the original date only if that assisted you in completing the aforementioned upgrade you yourself agreed to extend. I am simply appalled by this apparent lack of integrity and I demand you fix this situation immediately. Rest assured I will not tolerate your indifference to my concerns or to the truth and I will pursue this matter as long as is necessary until I receive satisfaction. Is this the normal way that Jet Airways conducts business? If so, it is no wonder your SFO hub was a failure. We expect businesses to honor their promises in San Francisco. I have been more than patient in trying to get this situation remedied, but it is now clear to me that perhaps I am dealing with someone who is unwilling or perhaps incapable of providing an equitable solution. Therefor, I am copying other Jet Airways parties in effort to procure actual customer service. Your consistent stonewalling gives me pause sir. I wonder why you are serving in this particular capacity, but perhaps your willingness to do nothing in the face of obviously bad business practice is precisely why Jet Airways put you there? Really Mr. Mansukhani. I will be publicizing this atrocious service at every opportunity, and as I am a writer, I assure you, this is not going to reflect well on you or your business. A good customer service person would recognize that it is time to fix this now. On Jan 12, 2009, at 5:35 PM, [protected]@jetairways.com wrote: Dear Ms B, Thank You for your mail. I trust your vacation in India is pleasant. I regret, we are unable to ascertain upgrade through UA for your travel on the HKG/SFO segment. Attached is your confirmed return travel itenary . The upgrade is applicable on the Jet Airways segment of booked travel (marked in BLUE) upto HKG. I have appraised our HKG Station Manager, Mr Paul Wu of your travel and he will facilitate any assistance you may require at transit in HKG. Kind Regards, Narendra Mansukhani Manager – Customer Relations To [protected]@jetairways.com cc Subject Re: greetings Hello Mr. Mansukhani, I am glad to hear all is well. Thank you for getting back to me. I wanted also to let you know that if it is helpful to you if we are a bit flexible on our return date of January 26, 2009 ( I recall you mentioned something about the 27th before?) we are willing to spend a night (or even two if that helps) in Hong Kong if that enables you to get us confirmed on the proper grade of flight from there to SFO. Of course we would need to plan accordingly, so please let us know as soonas possible, on which flight our reservation may be confirmed if we are all in agreement about the details. Many thanks. All the best, On Jan 8, 2009, at 11:21 AM, [protected]@jetairways.comwrote: Dear Ms B, Thank You for your message. Request has been placed to UA for an ug of your travel on the HKG/SFO route. I shall revert, no sooner i get this confirmation. Kind Regards, Narendra Mansukhani Manager – Customer Relations To [protected]@jetairways.com cc Subject Fwd: greetings Dear Mr. Mansukani, I sincerely hope this message finds you well. I am concerned that perhaps something has happened that may prevent you from helping us to solve our pressing problem with our flight back to San Francisco. We are in the middle of our trip to India, and we still no confirmed flight in first class for our trip from Hong Kong to SFO as we were assured. Our ability to connect via internet and telephone has been difficult during our travels. Now that I am finally able to check my email, I had fully expected a message here from you to let me know you were indeed pursuing a resolution, or better yet had resolved the problem. We have not heard from you since Christmas. I hope that is because you are awaiting confirmation of our first class seats from your contact in Hong Kong. May I rest assured that you are taking care of this for us as you stated during our last conversation? Since I have not heard from you and you did not respond to my last message I am very concerned that something may have happened to you or your family that prevents you from contacting me now. If this is the case, may I offer my sincere sympathy and apologies for adding further burden, and also request that you pass my case on to someone who can provide us the attention we require to resolve the situation right away. Thank you for your prompt reply Date: December 30, 2008 9:44:25 AM GMT+05:30 To: [protected]@jetairways.com Subject: greetings Hello Mr. Mansukani, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday as we are now. I am writing to you from our hotel in Delhi, but we are checking out today and I”m not sure when I will be able to check email again.. Will you please send me an update our progress toward getting us into the first class on the final leg of our return journey back to San Francisco? I realize that you are awaiting assistance from your contact in Hong Kong until you confirm our upgrade, so I understand that you may need another day to finalize the reservation. I am looking forward to hearing your positive confirmation that all is well at our next stop in Agra…I hope our next stop has a healthy internet connection. Thank you for your continued help

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