U.S. House Craft Roofing Review


First thing do not sign contract. This gives them the right to get check from insurace company and then they don’t have to do nothing. Your insurance company is out of it then. I will admit I was stupiod enough to sign the check. They are fast talking and make you believe anything. They did send a crew to fix my roof and was satisfied with the work although didnt clean up. Storm happened Aptil 4,2014 and 4-14-14 they were here wanting to do work.Dumb me signed the contact and didn’t read the back. They got the check for approximatly $10,00.00. They were to replace guttering that was damaged and a whole bunch more that they included. And now as of 6-15-14 nothing more. Have called every week and got the same answer they will be here by the end of week. They have also told neibhor the same thing that it will be middle of July before they can get here to do theirs here on Georgia street here in Muskogee. Funny thing about it while they were here another company warned us about them. Remember once you sign the contract your insurace company has no control of anything.Our insurance adjuster also told me once I signed the contract he had nothing to do with it.I quess I had one of those senior moments where you trust people. They might come thru with this someday but we will see. Be careful what you do. I learned a lot about strom chaser like this. .

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