uber bronx New York Review


Uber has been repeatedly screwing drivers and clients out of hard earned money. I worked for a partner company that provides rental taxis associated with uber and witnessed their abuse fisrt hand. At first I kept recieveing complaints about Uber not paying the drivers correctly and charging more for the vehicles rent than actually agreed upon. The next issue that was brought to my attention was that if a driver did not make enough money to cover the weekly rental he would not recieve a payment statement (even though the missing funds were directly deducted from the drivers bank account ). All the while I worked with the partner company I was referring potential customers to work for uber. I would convince them to drive for Uber and recieve $25-$250 for each driver that went active. I was flagged and all future payments have been stopped because i referred over 1,000 drivers in 3 months. I was only paid on about 30. Matthew the operations manager called me and offered me a job doing exactly what i was doing for “substantially less money”” I said i would consider after we cleared up the $5

000 that was being held. He said they were not going to pay and i refused the position. I was then told i had obtained the information fraudently from my work place whom they would contact and that there could be criminal charges brought against me. This was over 7 weeks ago. I still keep getting payment statements of all my referred drivers. I have been taken advantage of and cheated after all the work I put into promoting the company and assisting them with active approved drivers. I have numerous emails between Matthew

Ben and myself. Unfortunately

I will have no choice but to sue for what i rightfully earned plus damages at this point. This is a terrible company who just uses everyone they come across. From customers being overcharged to drivers being underpaid and advocates being treated like dirt.”

27-55 jackson ave queens, New York USA

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