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On or about Nov. 10, 2013 I began discussing a business membership with Ultra Mortgage Solutions to provide fianancial services to assist in financial problems to customers. Over a periond of 3 days I negotiated the membership fee down to a dollar amount I believed would be able to recoop in a short period of time based on their commission structure. They assigned me a membership number to go to the site and evaluate the services and get back to them to let them know if I would be interested. I felt all the services they provided were badly needed my millions of Americans. I called them and told them I was ready to get started and gave them my MC account number. They sent a courier to my home to sign. I began monitoring my site 3-5 times a day, after 10 days there was still no activity. I went to my MC account to see if they had charged my account..They had not! A company named Ultimate Concepts, LLC had charged my card. Unauthorized! I called them the next day and was told they did 90% of advertizing for Ultra Mortgage members new sites. I ask if they were experts at driving traffic to new sites why I wasn’t getting any traffic? He said he needed to send me a few more documents to sign. On 12/4/13 I signed and returned 4-5 documents, waited 3 days and went back to monitoring my site. After to weeks of monitoring with no activity, I filed a dispute with my MC holder. I continued monitoring. No Activety! The dispute took 60 days and I lost the dispute because of the documents I had signed. I called my card holder and told them I could not pay a charge that large on my card. I asked why they did not call me to get verbal authorization for a charge that large. There response: “We don’t do that”! I said: “You should have, I would not have authorized it. It would never have gotten to signing of any document because I did not recognize the company who charged my card. I said a contract is more than a one sided transaction. Ultimate Concepts, LLC hasn’t fulfilled a single obligation under my agreement with them. No calls, no e-mail responses, no activity on the site. Once they had my money they were done. If you could please have someone call me. My credit score prior to Ultimate Concepts charge was between 797-803. You don’t go from scores like that to become a dead beat in three months. Thank you So much. Please have someone call me. They are going to do a chargeoff on March 31, 2015.

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