Ultra Fund Venture Capital Complaint


All funds using referral programs are scammers. I mean it. It’s not a joke. I wonder if they noticed how glitchy their website is. It’s incredibly lame. There’s all crypto funds killer. It’s their referral program. So you will get a 5% referral bonus when someone signs up and invest under your referral link. What do you think? How reliable is this? Everybody knows how risky and dangerous referral programs are. Don’t fall for it. They were never profitable. Of course, one more disadvantage is their super glitchy website. I guess no one checked it after it was launched. Who cares, right? And one more thing is their team description. How decent is that? What do you think about the quality of the photos? If you think it’s not a reason to nitpick, I can say you’re wrong. It is! Stay away! Don’t believe referral programs and don’t deal with scammers!

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