It was a Facebook post with a youth aging video, I clicked on link and sent me to a short info to get a free trial with 4.95 S&H, add eye cream for $4.95, my account was charged 2 different times, July 9th for 4.95 and July 10 for 4.95 under two different names it appeared on my bank account. it came a few days later, together in a manilla envelope with no real invoice. On 7/31 charge 99.74, bank refunded and started dispute process. On 8/4. Also on 8/4 they took 83.74 8/4 under Aloe Ultra Supplem 8553119686. I had to call and cancel my card. These people appear to be running under all kinds of fictitious product names and LLC?s, their angle is to get your account information and drain the account. I have not received any other products from this company just stealing my money. The product used someone else’s advertisement to look spectacular and change over to them after clicking on the link. The product had broken my face out and I can not use it. Who knows what is in it but it is bad if it is giving me dermatitis.

I have tried to research them and they have somehow cleverly hidden themselves well. Even you tube the videos are shady. Cause when you google scam, it is them talking in a computer voice. They are spinning the system to when people are searching scam, they actually encrypt the words in there site so their product will appear on top and when you click on the link, the scam word is at the bottom but you can?t click on it. I believe this is a huge scam and many peoples money are in jeopardy. Please research this and help us the public expose this fraud. You have the experience to find out what they are doing. There was NO fine print on signing anything and will keep getting billed. The bank told me they used two different names to obtain my money, the only way to be sure I am safe is to cancel my card. I was also told by the other banker if I want to buy online to purchase a preloaded card from Walmart, they can’t get your personal information or money that way.

I would like to know who owns these LLC’s, here are they really based out of, and what the heck is really in the so called product.. I demand 194.38. Stay away

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