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I typically do not write on these types of platforms. Then again, I have never come across such a sleezy company as Union Living. I received a call from someone named Lewis/Louis who said he was “new and only had been working a couple weeks” for this company called Union Living. Well, that was the first lie. When I did a google search for this company another user has complained about them and said he spoke with the same person almost 3 months before I spoke to them. Anyways, what made me stay on the phone longer than normal is that this company claimed to work with unions nationwide. Besides the name they use a “.org” to make the website come across as legit, but I found out they have zero affiliations with any union. Basically, what they do is have a email newsletter that they blast out to union members and that is about it from what I could gather. However they don’t affiliate with unions so very deceptive and confusing indeed. It is how they are trying to have credibility with consumers which is wrong. Anyways, this Louis guy transfers me to what presumably is the owner of the website Michael. Since I am a Realtor he shows me how I can have Ad space on the website, because “union members are always looking for real estate services.” Yea I know this already, but what should have really been a red flag was the cost. The ad space for the whole year was only like $500 bucks. To get another county was about half. That was it. You know the whol saying “too good to be true?” Yea that is what I should have been saying. No other company that works with unions would be this so cheap (I know from past experience). There was a whole lot of hard sales pitches, of course no statistical data on ad performance (even though my counties were so hot hot hot), bunch of crap, etc… I gotta admit these guys are good at sales though. Got me to go straight to my paypal account and pay a stranger $850 bucks before reviewing a contract at all. So after that call I just feel like something was wrong, do my research, and realize this is a bad company. I try to stop the payment through paypal but was too late. Call up Union Living 3 days later (Purchased on a Friday) and this Michael guy tells me “oh well we have only a 48 hour window for a refund”. Well that is interesting, because I never even received a contract or any paperwork/receipt of what I purchased with them. After talking for a bit I convince him to give me a refund and I think the matter is done. Well, 1 month later still no refund. I did a fraud claim with my bank WF and got the money back that way. “Mysteriously” my phone calls to the main phone line stopped getting answered and went to voicemail. They were so easy to get a hold of before hahaha. The day I filed a fraud claim to WF I called them up and basically told them to call me ASAP and this is what I am doing but of course no phone call. Never work with Union Living. Besides them being a scam the services they are selling to Realtors (and probably others) is complete junk and a waste of money.

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