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first, I allows a gentleman to set an appointment for a sales agent to come pitch me why i needed a new roof. 2 days later 2 salesmen show for the appointment, climb my roof inspect it and spend next 2 hours telling me why i needed there roofing system. They handed me a sales quote… $20k for a roof. I asked why so high when i had 4-5 other quotes in hand for $7k at the highest and there response was they quoted junk. I politely declined his contract of $20k then he changed the price to $18k. I again declined, he then pulls out a digital camera and shows me a hole in my roof. I was astounished at this as I was up there 2 days prior with another contractor and no issues. The sales guys then said it’s been there for months. I declined his offer to repair the hole for $5k. he left very angry and yelling why did i waste his evening.The following morning since it was dark when the sales guys left, I went on the roof to inspect this hole. It was a hole created by someone other then me. I proceeded to repair the damage as a nieghbor yelled over and informed me he watch 2 guys the night before stomping on the roof. I called Unique Home Solutions to report this and was immediately met with hostile customer service rep. He says no way they would do that. After talking more with my neighbor and his wife, they both confirm the sales guys were stomping on the roof where this hole was now. It had rained the morning of there visit. So I went into the attic and confirmed my suspicions. The attic was dry, not any sign of water leakage. That hole was created that evening.I hired a different contractor the following day to repair this hole and to redo my entire roof. I filed a BBB complaint to only get a copy of 2 letters from Unique. Both were from the sales guys stating they didnt create this hole. The BBB closed the complaint without me having a chance to rebuttal.I have since filed small claims and heard from the Vice President and again he was angry, denying the issue. I had to get sworn statements from my neighbor, the contractor that repaired the damages, and 2 other contractors that confirm the hole was made and if the wood was rotten the shingles would not have be pushed through the whole. As well, they all documents how dry my attic was and the area at question. They could have at leasted offered to repair the hole….But they rather deny the allegation and use high sales tactics to close a contract.

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