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I had family moving back to Guam from Phoenix. They had to use Continental as thats one of only two US based major carriers that fly into Guam. In Phoenix, Continental does not fly to LAX so they had to use a partner airline thus United. Everything seemed to be going good from Continental’s perspective. Keep in mind that flights to Guam on Continental have no fees for chekced in baggage. I was starting to get a little worried about the fees and looked online. Yes it did say it charged for domestic flights for Unnited and I had informed my family of the situation. But when they called the customer service, the agent said that they shouldnt charge being that it is actually a Continental iteniary. So worries aside, we went to the airport. While there we encountered workers that seemed to be disturbed of doing their job. They immediately asked for passports although Guam is a US territory and no passport is needed for travel there from US mainland. Then they couldnt find the reservations and we had to be diverted to another agent who was even more rude. She was telling my family that all the luggage couldnt fit, demanding to know if the trip was a move or a vacation, and argued that Guam was not a US territory til her supervisor told her it was. Well everything started to come together. Luggage was under weight limits, and boarding passes were about to be printed when she asked if we were to pay cash or credit card. Our jaws dropped!!!!!! So we tried to explain the situation but she wouldnt budge as the computer couldnt do anything. Her supervisor was next and neither he wanted to help. We explained that the agent on the phone said that theres no charge. It didnt faze them and they gave us four minutes to make a situation. We had no time to put together 2 suitcases for five kids and an adult. The tickets for five cost around seven grand so my family was not about to stay. In the end they left with the clothes on their backs and whatever other clothes they could fit into their carry-on bags, and I was left with the remaining suitcases and clothes. I understand that they charge for baggage but their telephone service has to be knowledgeable on different situations and flights so that this predicament wouldnt happen to anyone else. As with the gas companies, the airlines are treating us like puppets and milking us for every penny, knowing full-well that such services are needed.

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