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Complaint: I hired United Data Solutions to provide my company with Leads. Leads to be contacted by my employees over the telephone. That is what United Data Solutions provides. They promised me / assured me I would get 1 or 2 contacts per company and we negotiated rate. The company then proceeded to tell me that my rate was too good and they gave me leads according. I was given some companies with 70 + contact names and others had 100% wrong information. I was then informed that the address we were given for United Data Solutions is 100% false as they are located in India. It’s OK to outsource, but they lied and now I can’t skip trace them down to get a refund. They provided me 1 list that was 100% incorrect and not what they promised. They then provided me another list which was almost as bad. Now they don’t asnswer their phones unde United Data Solutions OR Amerium, their other company name. They don’t return emails, phone calls, etc… and we can’t send anyone to see them as they are not here. There is no way to find this crooked company. If anyone knows anything other than 972-651-0377, 866-255-6077, or 214-296-2466 please let me know. They took me for over a grand and my fear is they will try to duplicate the check to take us for even more. It is very frustrating to be lied to and then ignored. If anyone has any other information on UNITED DATA SOLUTIONS, please let me know. They are crooked and should be avoided. Thank you for listening A Concerned Purchaser

Tags: Internet Marketing Companies

Address: 7000 Independence Pkwy Suite 160 plano, Texas USA

Website: www.uniteddatasolutions.com/

Phone: 972-651-0377

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