United Hyundai And Planet Hyundai Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: We received notification from United and Planet Hyundai Dealerships about receiving free gasoline for filling out a simply survey regarding their new vehicles. Since I forgot about the one at United Hyundai until it was too late, I wasn’t able to make it in to their dealership for the gasoline card but found out later when we went to Planet Hyundai it was nothing but a SHAM. READ ON FOLKS: My husband and I had no idea both dealerships were giving out the same gasoline, so to speak, card until I read one of the reports on ripoffscams.com. We had very little gasoline left in our car and drove from Boulder Highway all the way to West Sahara. Once we arrived, you couldn’t even find a place to park your vehicle. What a mess it was to say the least…absolutely no organization at all. We were approached by a sales person and I informed him we were there for the free gasoline card. He asked if we were interested in purchasing a new vehicle of which I said I owed too much monies on my current one. He directed me to the individual I spoke to on the telephone regarding it and was told it would be a few minutes before I could receive the gas card. From all indications, I expected a gasoline debit card or something to the effect for $200 worth of gasoline. While waiting for the person who had the cards, Khan, former manager from United Hyundai, approached both my husband and me. My husband totally ignored him for it was he who talked us into vehicles at United Hyundai knowing fully well we didn’t make the necessary monies to make payments. I spoke to him for a brief few minutes but actually wished he would just disappear after what he did to us. He then proceeded to inform us they had no more of the gas cards and then left the area. A few minutes later the individual who took the letter we received handed us a voucher. It wasn’t until we got home and logged up to the site that we found out the following: You had to purchase $100 in gasoline each month; send in your receipts by a certain date; and you would then receive a $25 gasoline card. It also cost you $5.00 which you received back at the end. We wasted precious gasoline going all the way to Planet Hyundai to receive actually nothing at all. You are led to believe you are going to receive free gasoline but you first must purchase X-amount prior to receiving anything at all. That is not free in my book at all. Don’t fall for that scam and drive all the way to either one of those two dealerships thinking you are going to get anything from them for FREE. If you do, please be prepared for a big Let-Down as it happened to us. It is just a lure tactic to get you to come in and purchase a vehicle. Dee Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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Address: 2025 East Sahara Avenue And 7150 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.


Phone: 702-894-4444/938-14

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