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Complaint: I sold an item on Ebay. The buyer misunderstood the item description and I allowed a return. Ebay/Paypal requires that you return an item w/ signature confirmation to receive Buyer Protection. After a week, I had not received the package and contacted the buyer who informed me that the package had been delivered. The buyer returned the item using signature confirmation and forwarded the tracking information to me. I wasn’t even home at the time of delivery. The item had been fraudulently signed for by a postal worker and was nowhere to be found. Another postal worker had signed for a different package that came up missing 7 months ago, so imagine my shock at a repeat offense! But that sender had insured the package so I was reimbursed. After several phone calls, I was told that the postal worker said he always signs for my packages and I know about it, which is a lie. He also said that he left it outside, which is beyond asinine. As part of my business, I am constantly at the local Postal Station signing for insured items or items that require a signature because they are too valuable to be left without proof of delivery. The manager stated that some of the workers do this (forge signatures) and that they (USPS) know about it. They also told me that even though they knew it had been fraudulently signed for, because it wasn’t insured, there was a law that permitted them from reimbursing me the $688 I was now out of since I had to issue a refund because it shows up in the system as delivered and signed for even though I didn’t receive it. I am now in the process of exploring what civil/criminal lawsuit options are available against the postal worker who forged my signature since the United States Postal Service is refusing to help me. But there may be a loophole that prevents me from pursuing any further legal action since postal workers are federal employees. They don’t care about us. The workers can open your packages and steal the contents before you get them and if the packages are not insured, they won’t do anything about it. The bottom line is that they have made themselves above the law and we are the ones who constantly suffer. It seems to me that there are too many similar incidents for a class action suit of some sort not to be organized. I’m game if anyone else is interested.

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