Uniters Complaint


After reading some of the other complaints I feel fortunate that my experience wasn”t worse than it was, but people should still know. After red wine spilled on my new white overstuffed chair on 7/9/15, I immediately filed a complaint. The tech couldn”t get to my house until 8/13. Communication was very poor, lots of waiting on hold and re-explaining things etc. My main complaint however is that the tech was unprofessional, sarcastic, too overweight to really do the job, complained that he came from Ohio (to Rochester NY) to do the job, didn”t have all of the materials he needed (an extension cord) and to top it all off he broke the arm of the chair he was removing the stain from! He was scrubbing hard, leaning on it and used the arm to pull himself up off of the floor from a sitting position…when he was done, the arm was loose, and jiggly. First he tried to say he didn”t do it, then he said that the company would call me by Tuesday (this was on a Thursday) to follow up, which is when I could tell them about the broken arm of the chair, but they never called. Then, weeks later, I get a letter in the mail saying they are sending a new slip cover (a replacement part), and that once the part arrives, I should contact them if I need a tech to come install it. I didn”t need a new part – the tech was able to get the wine out – which they would have known if they had called to follow up like the tech said they would. I called to cancel the sending of the replacement part and tell them about the tech breaking the arm of the chair. After much more time on the phone they said they would send another tech out to repair the arm of the chair…we”ll see how it goes.

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