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On May 20, 2013 my wife and I purchased a Home Warranty plan with the Sentinel Home Warranty Company (Sentinel) for our rental home at (Oasis Property). Soon after our plan purchase Sentinel sent us via USPS our plan package named; “SENTINEL HOME WARRANTY Safe and Secure” and within the package we have our service agreement called “SAFE SECURE HOME CARE PLAN”. We paid for the Gold plan which was more expensive than the standard plan and we also added on additional items; Garage door, Sump Pump, 2nd Air Conditioner, 2nd Refrigeator. On or around January 8, 2014 I received a call from my Property Manager John Jones with Keller Williams Advisors Realty (John) regarding a call he received from our renters at the rental property. The renters reported two separate problems 1. The wall oven quit working. 2. The clothes dryer was not heating properly nor drying the cloths as it should. On or about January 8, 2014 John called Sentinel they in turn told John to call Universal Administrators Services, Inc., claims department to report a claim. On or about January 9, 2014 a service company was sent to Oasis to perform a service call regarding the above related issues. The technician’s findings were as follows: 1. The wall Oven’s control board was inoperable. The technician noted that due to the age and that the parts were no longer available for that particular model. The technician suggested a total replacement of the Wall Oven. 2. The technician found the Cloths dryer’s exhaust vent had been clogged with debris and noted that the home warranty company did not cover the repair and suggested a handy man as an alternative. On or about January 15, 2014 an approval for the purchase of a new wall oven from Home Depot to replace the defective wall oven was sent to John. Upon approval Sentinel’s criteria dictated that I had to purchase the wall oven and Sentinel would reimburse me upon receipt. Sentinel stated that my policy does not include coverage if there is an additional charge to facilitate installation (removing trim, etc). On or about January 16, 2014 I ordered a wall oven from Home Depot through the guidance of John. I paid for the wall oven with my American Express by phone. John hired David’s Maintenance Company (David’s) to facilitate the installation of the new wall oven upon its arrival. The wall oven was scheduled for delivery on January 22, 2014. On January 22, 2014 Home Depot called both John and myself to explain a delay in the delivery due to Home Depot’s delivery truck breaking down. The delivery manager stated that they would not be able to deliver the wall oven until the following week. John called David’s and spoke with the service technician/installer that was waiting at Oasis to install the new oven. The service technician/installer agreed to pick up the oven from Home Depot and install it at the Oasis home. Upon removing the old wall oven the installer discovered the new oven’s overall dimensions were not correct. The installer realized that the prior service tech from the claims department had given the wrong information regarding the replacement wall oven. The installer decided to troubleshoot the defective oven to ensure the prior Technician diagnosed the problem correctly. To everyone’s amazement the installer discovered a minor problem and repaired it. (The wall oven is still working to this day) On February 5, 2014 an invoice from David’s in the amount of $422.00 was sent to Universal Administrators in care of Jack Wainwright (Jack) for the work David’s had done regarding the wall oven issue. Along with the invoice John stated; “Attached is an invoice for rebuilding the circuit board and re-installing the built in oven at Oasis for Dan. Dan has paid the invoice and you can mail the reimbursement check (payable to Dan to the address below. In the interim I paid David,s invoice from the Keller Williams and Dan LeForge’s business checking account. I instructed John to retrieve the monies owed to Keller Williams and Dan LeForge’s from the claims department of Sentinel. On February 18, 2014 John sent Jack an email requesting a Status of Payment. On the same day Jack replied to Johns email with “Received”. On March 6, 2014 John sent another email to Jack for another request of payment. On March 19, 2014 John sent me an email regarding a reply from Jack Wainwright; “He answered the phone when I called. He said he got my message and will be checking on that, and we should have the check first of next week. I’ll put a note on my calendar to follow up next Wednesday. ;)” On March 28, 2014 John sent another email message to Jack Wainwright requesting payment. On April 14, 2014 John sends another email to Jack Wainwright stating; “Jack, I am reaching out to you once again about the reimbursement for the oven repair (see attached invoice) at Oasis Drive for Dan. It has now been over 2 months since we sent this invoice to you (February 5th). When I spoke to you about this about 3 weeks ago, you told me we would have a check the following week. When can we expect a check? On April 14, 2014 I personally sent Jack an email for “Notice of Action and a time frame in which to receive monies owed to me. On April 15, 2014 Jack replied by stating; “The problem that we are having is that your contract covers only owner occupied homes and it appears that your residence is a rental” however, Jack is mistaken as to a contract, rather than a Terms and Conditions policy known as Service Agreement, Home Care Plan. Our Gold Home Care Plan, Terms and Conditions Policy under section V. article 2. Simply states; “All occupied homes, condominiums and town homes are eligible for coverage”. Furthermore Jack continues by stating; “I believe that you are owed a refund” however Jack has not provided a refund. On April 23, 2014 Jack sent an email with an attachment in which he states; “Here are the terms and conditions that we use”. The attachment was a Word Document that is different from what was sent to me from Sentinel when I purchased the Home Warranty. I was sent from Sentinel a PDF document and it was called; “HOME CARE PLAN” and Jacks word document is called; “APLLIANCE PROTECTION PLAN”. In Jacks word document,under sectionV. article 2. it states; “All owner-occupied homes, condominiums and town homes are eligible for coverage.”. In our Gold Home Care Plan, Terms and Conditions Policy under section V. article 2. states; “All occupied homes, condominiums and town homes are eligible for coverage.”. Jack Wainwright suggest that I seek refund from Sentinel but he fails to explain he has approved the work performed and refund us the claim of $422,00. The Terms and Conditions document Jack is referring to is not the document we purchased from Sentinel. Jack is using a word document that is not even our plan (it’s a Silver Plan), ours is the Gold Plan and it is in PDF format and cannot be altered unlike any word document that can be altered. I have contacted Sentinel and they have resent me the same Policy that I purchased on May 20, 2013. It is very evedent that Jack is mistaken in all accounts and seems that Jack is just trying his best not to pay the claim. After logging into the BBB and looking up the rating for Universal Administrators Services, Inc, I find they have an F rating for very simular actions.

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