Universal Flooring Costa Mesa California Review


We ordered carpet from LA Carpet now dba Universal Flooring. Their salesman switched products on us. After we proved to Shaw Carpet we were defrauded, they refunded ALL my money back.nLA Carpet refuses to give us our money back. We’ve had to sue them in small claims. We tried to mediate with them. However, they lied to the mediator and refused to mediate after agreeing to mediate. nDO NOT deal with Universal Flooring or LA Carpet. You will be sorry!!! There are also about 50 complaints filed against this company with the BBB. They don’t belong to the BBB. So, all BBB can do is take a complaint and put it on the list. Defrauding consumers is what this company is all about. They will rip you off just like everyone else that has listed a complaint. nThese people are horrible crooks that sell defective merchandise. When the junk falls apart under warranty, they tell you to go pound sand. Their whole attituce is “sue us then try to collect””.”

8775 Research Dr. Irvine, California United States of America

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