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It has been over a years now and I have not been able to get anything from the guys, UIE. I was trying to win a TV and fill out the form online and recieved a call from UIE and was talked into the prospects of making money online in my spare time. I was charge the initial $136 reduced from $295 for signing up. They sent a package with a password and user ID. When I had a chance to talk to them again they we supposed to tell me how to access the system. I was assigned a person Patrick and Walter to help me get started. The conversation was strange and realized that I was being scammed. I called my credit card company to cancel the transaction while I was on the phone with UIE and as they were cancelling the transaction, $8000 was posted to my account and they couldn’t stop the transaction. Partick told me that I was having buyers remorse when I called to try and cancel. Patrick guaranteed that tha I’d make the money back because of thier affilliation with Amazon and that If I didn’t, I would be refunded. No such thing happened. nMy credit card company disputed the charge but was given a line of BS from UIE. I was told by Partick that they always win the dispute. I was so disgusted that I never called them again until a few months ago before the expiration date. Talked to Patrick once and never have been able to talk to any one at the office always get the recording and never a call back. nI hope this will result in getting something back.

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