Universal Supply Corp. Review


it was time to change the toner in our color copier, which is smaller than our main copier. Coincidentally, we received a phone call from this toner pirate company the next day. They called and informed us about toner for our machine and that the price will go up soon but if we ordered now we can be locked into the discounted price for 2 years. I agreed and they sent us a toner. The company never asked for billing information so that also led me to believe they were with our contracted company. When we received the toner, I noticed it wasn’t the toner that we ran out of. I called the company we use and informed them that we needed the toner for our smaller machine and not the one that came. Our contact told me that they never contacted us and that this was a scam. The same company has contacted his company as well, with the same scam. He stated that this is a toner pirating company and they do this to lock in people and get their contact information. They will start calling stating an "invoice" never got paid and threaten collections. An invoice was attached to the UPS box that came to us but there was no price or model number for the toner on it (attached). I plan to send this back but I’m still worried about what may happen next with this, if anything. We didn’t lose money on this, luckily, but I bet others will or have and that’s what I’m hoping this helps stop. Nobody likes getting harassed and that seems like that is what is going to happen when dealing with this company, according to other things I’ve read.

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