Universe Express Moving Maryland Review


Worst Moving Experienceu2026.. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. They gave me a moving time of 10 AM didnu2019t show up until 6:30 PM. They couldn’t deliver my stuff to my destination the same day as promised. They promised to delivery my stuff first thing in the morning the next day and lied about that too. I didn’t get my stuff until 6:30 PM the next day. They lied to me about my stuff being the only stuff on the truck. I accidentally got other people’s stuff and I had to point it out them. They also mixed up some of my stuff. If I had not asked to look into the truck, I would be missing stuff. I was told to call them and try to get a discount for my trouble. I couldn’t reach anyone from management and they don’t return calls. They basically destroyed my whole move and weekend. This wasn’t worth the aggravation and stress. The moving men were extremely slow A representative from the company did call me a few days after my mom saying that they would compensate me for my trouble. She didnu2019t mention how much or what they would be doing. I called her to follow up a week later; she said I would be getting a letter from them. Since then, I havenu2019t received anything and she hasnu2019t returned my call. Angieu2019s list has also tried to reach out to them; so far nothing has been done. I donu2019t want anyone to experience what I have experience and the way I was treated.

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