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Dr. Thomas Stellato runs Wright Surgery Center for University Hospitals of Cleveland at Suburban Medical Center. He and other surgical staff do numerous abdominal procedures there, all of these procedures can cause abdominal superficial nerve inflammations – which are extremely painful. Rough, or even normal, tissue handling does this – even vigorous exercise using abdominal muscles can cause this problem called ACNES (abdominal cutaneous nerve inflammation syndrome). Athletes get this, Armed Forces people get this, weekend exercisers get this syndrome – and it is painul and doesn’t go away with 2 Advil = what Dr. Stellato says to do. However the problem at Wright Surgery, and with Dr. Stellato, is the handling of this complication or occurrence. Dr. Stellato will deny the complication, and not do the proper abdominal maneuver to confirm the problem – Carnett’s Test. It’s not the responsibility of the Internist on the case to handle his surgical complications – if this occurred after a procedure. Ditto the plastic surgeons who cause the problem. Dr. Stellato will try to schedule another procedure, and when you want to discuss or do the conservative management route – he accuses that you ‘stood him up’ – even when you called several times to reschedule or scedule a discussion with Dr. Stellato and a family member. Then Dr. Stellato will call the South Euclid police saying that you are blaming him, and he’s not responsible for this complication – and he was the last surgeon of record. Suburban Medical Center Management goes along with this atrocious behavior. All this for a commonly described clinical problem that any surgeon, or medical physician, should be able to diagnose correctly in 20 minutes, and arrange treatment of without any additional surgery. Refer to Anesthesia if nothing else. Patients consulting for any abdominal procedure at Wright Surgery Center in Cleveland, should check with the surgeon about his/her handling of this problem – given Dr. Stellato’s non-handling of this problem with any professionalism, competence, or compassion. Children can get it with the sports at schools, women with lipoplasty procedures can get it. The issue for University Green Road is the calling of the police for something where the patient is not threatening Dr. Stellato, but telling him to solve the problem that he caused. That’s it’s not Dr. Ponsky’s problem or a police matter. The issue for Wright Surgery Center is to set up a Quality Assurance protocol to correctly diagnose and treat with a nerve anesthesia injection or nerve block. Dr. Stellato, former Chief of General Surgery at University Hospitals of Cleveland, should be able to do a nerve injection without complications or the So Euclid police – or set up a treatment protocol. The Administration should give him support in improving the care policies about handling ACNES. It’s a common procedure at Kaiser – so University can’t do it, charge for it, or diagnose correctly? It’s a bread-and-butter diagnosis at Kaiser in Cleveland – so the guy who writes questions for the Boards of General Surgery can’t handle the problem? Improvements are needed in the diagnosis & management of this common surgical complication at Wright Surgery Center – and an education of the Management that just because Dr. Stellato has an ego-fit – that you don’t punish the patient with another procedure or say that the woman patient ‘stood him up.’ No one is dating when they come for a consultation on abdominal wall pain. Police need to refuse to handle ACNES in South Euclid.

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