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First let me say here i need a LAWYER who can help take a legal action against them. I want a refund from University of Atlanta. They are SCAMMERS!!!! I am from NIGERIA, Lagos. UNIVERSITY OF ATLANTA IS A SCAM, PLS HELP!!!!! I was coerced to register by a R. Lillian, recruitment officer, he would call me 10 times a day saying i might lose the discount. He told it was an Accreditted University, sadly i didn’t do my research. He said i got 70% discount, so i only have to pay $4,000. But i must pay a down payment of $200. He said he would send me a unique link to enable me pay with Debit/Credit card. So he did and i paid. He also told me i don’t need to buy textbooks, no hidden charges as i was skeptical about the cost so i asked all these questions. He was not even interested in my Credentials, i had to ask him won’t you need me former credentials ? After paying the sent me some mails about Confirmation, Registration, Student ID etc. After this i discovered i can’t proceed without buying a huge priced Textbook, which was not available in their Library which he claimed i would be able to use. Twice they mailed me that they assigned me two different Instructors for same course, saying previous instructor was no more. No response even when i mailed my so called instructor. No response when i complained about this. Student services contact was fruitless too. I found i there no real student at the online learning centre. When i call the number, an ordinary Clerk lady picks and she says “Can I take a message?”. She claims she does not know if the staffs are around,she is only answering services clerk. They are not responding to all mails. Same complaint i later saw in the online community of other ripped-off students. I have called several times, i get same response from the Lady. Please help me get JUSTICE!!!. I want a refund, full or partial. I mailed them i’m no longer interested as i got another physical admission, no response since forever. Now i have been locked out of the “Online Portal” see Picture attached. NOTHING WORKS!!! Someone please tell me what to do. How to take legal action

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