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Complaint: Dr. Stellato is an example of The Peter Principle – rising to one’s level of incompetence. He’s a Medical Director at University Suburban Health Center in South Euclid – beloved of the Euclid Police for his calls about patients wanting him to explain – when he is a Chief of General Surgery ‘prototype’ type who refuses to take the risks & challenges offered to get back to that level, and get himself out of there. Dr. Stellato is not a Medical Director in a million-zillion years, even if his secretary Carol has learned how to do BP checks; he hasn’t a clue about medical care. Stellato is where he doesn’t belong, irking the hell out of most, and everyone can see it but him. Dr. Stellato refuses to apologize to the colleagues that he has hurt, he refuses to discuss with the women colleagues he has called the police on, and he refuses to get out of his funk for not seeing that the Chief of General Surgery at University would eventually go to a Cancer Surgeon – as that’s where the Hubay Chair belonged in the first place. There are plenty of other ‘Chairs’ in Surgery – but you can’t sit at University Suburban and get the offer – and you can’t blame the person that put the insanity on ripoffscams to get some thought on the problem – 6 months at Suburban tops should have been the detour slump. No one wants to blog this, but Stellato can’t see the obvious. And it’s a loss to him personally, and to the field of General Surgery generally, that the person doing the Reviews of General Surgery for the Surgery Boards is sitting outside of the circle of the residents taking the Boards. Down the street playing Medical Director in suburbia – sounds like a Suburgatory re-run. Dr. Stellato started the Department of Bariatric Surgery at University Hospitals – but he has no passion for that surgery – and it causes chronic neurological problems & damage only evident years after the fact – a time-bomb of a surgical procedure. But there’s no excuse for not continuing the surgical literature in other regards – in the question of common mass closures that all rupture and then require mesh – which then infects & ruins lives – including the sex lives of all with mesh. There is the layered closure problem & practice: a technique that only surgeons (peds, general & plastics) trained prior to 1990 learned how to do well – so repair some of these common mass closures with layered closures, and prove it can be done safely. That alone would get Dr. Stellato a berth at Mayo Clinic – where they have thousands of these ill-thought-out closures to repair (the Sarr legacy). Dr. Michael Rosen in the Hernia Center at Case/University wants to see if Dr. Stellato can do this repair, and has sent him patients needing the layered closure to see the result – but Stellato can’t take a challenge, can’t schedule these patients – what is he afraid of? Talking to Dr. Rosen? If he can repair them, he will be the miracle-go-to-guy to learn layered abdominal closures – a lost art – but part of the art of surgery. Dr. Rosen can’t do these closures. This is a role that Dr. Ponsky can’t play anymore – the guy in the OR – Ponsky sends all his hernia problems to Dr. Rosen. So Stellato needs to prove he can do better than a Ponsky-turf, and so far he sits and sulks at Suburban – with the Administration coddling him like a baby in his terrible tantrum 2s. Write the surgical literature article on Chronic Abdominal Wall Pain and Management – can Stellato write this, or can he just do a Surgeon’s Odyssey to an MBA? Different style of writing, different expertise, and a different kind of person is required for the former rather than the later. A Surgeon who knows about the ‘art of surgery’ is much to be preferred from the Surgeon who takes a Ulysses-like detour for an MBA to prove he should be the Chief of Surgery – to prove he can sit in a Chair. There’s no relation between an MBA, and being a Surgical Chief, except in Ohio – outside of Ohio that is not a CV-plus. Odysseys don’t necessarily teach someone anything, they are stories, but not paradigms. If you don’t have to prove yourself, there’s no reason for the walkabout; no reason for the shipwrecks, the monsters, the sirens, no reason for Ulysses-Stellato being between Scylla and Charybdis. The less drama the better in the practice of surgery – and it’s not about the money, it’s about the skill, the passion, and the compassion. And this isn’t coming down – it’s an official challenge to Stellato to get on with living, learning, teaching, and the improving of General Surgery asap.

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