Unknown/Puppy Scam Review


I was looking for a puppy to adopt and found miniature poodles for what seemed like a good deal 700 dollars with papers and many other pros. I immediately messaged the seller and was about to put in a payment. But realized the following things.-In his story (the about section) he refers to himself as Paul. But in his email his contact name changed to Kingsley Romanus.-He wanted to have the money wired to him.-In his emails many things would be spelt wrong and random numbers or letters would be placed (not business like)-He said that the puppy was available even with a low price but when he said he would put it on hold the website said it was still available.-I went on a scam website finder and it turns out the website was created by a Aladji Baba-He said he did not want to be contacted via phone.-When I searched a paragraph into Google another website popped up that he seemed to steal the information from the website is www.pup4u.com.I guess there are more but it’s hard to list them all. So basically they used information off of other breeder websites and pulled it off as their own.

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