Urban Florist Buford Georgia Review


Urban Florists will rip you off. They have non-existing customer service skills and rude employees. It took 3 days of emails and messages to receive a phone call from the “manager”” who blamed me for trying to rip them off. All I wanted was a refund or a free arrangement. I explained to them how dissatisfied I was with my arrangement they sent me. The “”manager”” said my excuses were not good enough and to go ahead and report them to the Better Business Bureau. She refused to give me the owner’s name when I asked for it. She didn’t want me to go over her head because she knew I was right. She offered to refund me $5.00 and asked if that would make me happy…NO! DO NOT do business with these people. They WILL rip you off like they did me. nBrookenBuford


657 Moberly Rd Vancouver, British Columbia Canada


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