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On sept. 3 I was contacted by payday for america that i was approved for a $3000.00 loan.then they sent me a type email that it would cost me 145.00 a month until pay off.So they ask me my bank account number so they could electronic transferr the funds direct to my bank account.after a few days,they told me i need to send them 300.00 to pay the government charges for sending the money to my bank.I sent. so they told me to buy a green dot money pack card,and put 300.00 dollars on it and then call them and give them the number on the back after i scratched if off.Then the asked for 500.00,and said they my bank wanted more money to transfer to my account to pay the taxes.This went on for some time,and said if i pay only a fee they can sent it by western union,and i never got the loan. Now i tell them that i don,t want the loan they are telling me that i took out a loan fron another company that i need to pay this charge or the will file this against my social security number.every email that i receive from them,I print off a copy and save. .

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