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Charlie from US Engines refuses to refund my core charge giving a lame excuse of it being rotted. The only rotten thing here is this business, I have red many comments on other sites and intend to post myself on everyone I can find as well as legal action through my state AG for starters. I am hoping to start or become part of an exisiting class action suit against them as the core charge is only the tip of the iceberg with my marine engine I purchased the 7 year unlimited warranty but from other comments I need to protect myself from this company as they don’t honor there warranty and blame the customer for everything that goes wrong. I wish when doing my research that some of these sites came up with the negative feedback instead of just there phony website with the sales pitch, I do all my oen work and have been in the repair business for a long time but I fell for there line telling me everything I was looking for in a replacement engine but from a company with nothing but deceit for it’s customers. Beware and stay away!!! .

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