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Complaint: US Grant Department contacted me by phone saying i was one of thousands of Amercians who received a special grant form the goevernment. they promised $6000.00 dollars to be sent to western union. With a sercurity deposit of $225.00 dollars that woukl be refunded to me… I followed the steps as the woman gave and sent off my deposit. Little did I know was that it was in deed an rip-off. they stayed on the phone with me the entire time then claimed how i had to pay state taxes of $449.00 in order to get the $6000.00. I didnt have that kind of money on hand and ask them to send my deposit back, they went on about the money would be held til i had it and about how they didnt do refunds. I asked for the supervisor: Chris Dean who explain the same thing. Then he put his boss on the phone: John Wilkins who apologized for Mr. Chris not explaining the facts to me. He promised that the money would be at a western union location the next with a promised phone call back for verification. Well I never heard form him and when i called they claimed he was in a meeting, and no money was sent to western union. Not realizing I had sent the deposit to India I gave them my enitre check! And was not allowed an refund at the western union because the money was picked up!! The crazy thing is I used my aunts name as a family memeber as the person receiving so I still dont know how they were able to collect the money… We as amercians believe anything we hear from the government, it was a lesson learned!!!

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Address: Washington, Washington DC United States of America


Phone: 1-202-407-9760

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