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I have been using US Website for 9 years. I called them around May 2013 to cancel my account because their price so much higher than other competitors. I talked one of their staff members to cancel the account and to make sure it is canceled or not because I paid the bill for a whole year amount on the first month. I talked to them more than 50 times with many people for 2-3 months to cancel my account and finally got cancellation. However on 08/22/2014 one of their billing department staff named Lynne Litrero called me and told me the price of hosting my website. I said it is too expensive so I do not need it. All of sudden she spoke in a threatening tone and threatened me to send my account to collection and hung up. I got shocked because I paid whole year bill on first month and that my account has been canceled already. So I called them looking for Ms. Litrero to discuss with. But 3 people (one guy, Jill, Michelle Torres) lied to me saying they are Lynne so I was unable to reach her. Jill and another staff member transferred me to someone else, but Michelle Torres continued saying that she was Lynne throughout the calls. I finally reached Lynne and she said I owed $60 to send to collection. I explained that my account has been canceled last year and I do not owe any money because I paid whole year fee on first month, but she kept repeating the above. I paid it right away by credit card and asked her how I could verify the payment and the account cancellation. She said our conversation is recording and assured me not to worry and hung up. Overall, we have had a terrible experience with this company and their rude, aggressive staff members. Id like to caution anyone else who is receiving their service.

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