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I was connected to them after I tried to call the number off a bleach bottle b/c I was unsure if the bleach had chlorine in it. I was transferred through another number to them they said I was the 18th caller and I won $100 gift card. They said they would answer my question for the reason I was calling after I get the gift card all squared. nMichelle(the woman on the line) said that there was a fee of $6.95 so they needed my card number. I asked if they could take it out of my gift card. She said no. She gave me her information so I thought it was legit. I gave out my card number (I was obviously NOT thinking at that moment). nI was then transferred to the manager, Sean Smith, and he had me repeat my card number and had me listen to 4 ads, agree to them and repeat my card number after each of them. I asked if I could just cancel the whole thing and he said no that the gift card and bill of $6.95 were already being processed. nSo I sat through everything, got the confirmation number at the end, and then he hung up! So i never got my answer for the bleach. I don’t think I’ll ever call the number on the side of products ever again and I sure as heck am not going to give my number out ever again. nNeedless to say I canceled my card and the bank is going to take care of any weird charges to my account.

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