Someone claiming to be from the US Fundfiner department in Washington DC said that i was selected to get a free government school loan in the amount of $8000.00 for free and wouldn”t have to pay it back to my surprise it was to good to be true. They had me convinced until they said i needed to pay a fee of eight dollars and some change so that it would be deposited in my account the next day and as I thought to myself if its free money why would i have to pay 8 dollars free is free at least thats what i thought. So i told the gentlemen i didnt have that to pay and i will contact him and he gave me some phone numbers and i told him i will contact him at a later date but he wouldn”t take no for an answer and insisted that it was urgent to get it and it was a one time thing only deal or whatever and anyway instead of me contacting him he kept harrassing me and calling my phone everyday for about 3 weeks and i ignored the phone calls because i knew it was him with an out of town area code and it was the same area code each time the number popped up on my phone. This is when the twist in all of this occured about a month later after checking my transactions on my debit card it was a strange amount missing from my account in the amount of 59.92 and i knew i did”t purchase anything that morning and it was my first time checking my account for that day anyway when i talk to the gentlemen he never said anything about 59.92 and a i didnt give him the ok to take nothing from my account. So when i called my customer service about my account they said it was an unathurized transaction taken from my account so now im waiting to see whn i will be getting my money back and i have to wait at least 3 days to contact cusomer service about it and it can take up to 18 days to get the issue resolved and what so messed up about the phone call i got from that gentlemen is that he sounded so legit he transferred me to another gentlemen for a confirmation number and contact number and everyhting so i thought every thing was fine but they was scamming me all along and i never told them i wanted the loan so yes when you least expected somthing thats when things happen but its got to be a way to track these conn artist down and put a stop to them before they get more people. Signed pist off

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