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Weirdest thing happen and I remember this company”s name because I wanted to Google them when I got home okay I was at the airport going to Johannesburg and some guy stopped me with a box and said his mother was really sick and she needed some stuff from America and he couldn”t afford to send it to her because it would cost $300 he gave me a box or tryed to at least and said it would be $8 from where I was going at the local post office but he offered me $25 trouble and was going to pay $10 for the Post Office fee I declined and then his offer went up to $40 for me and $10 for the package to be delivered I still declined I went on my plane and just forget about it well I was seeing on the plane I saw four different people come on with boxes I started talking to one of who happen if you sitting next to me after a couple of drinks and hours he got very comfortable and told me all he knows about this whole thing is a place called US-GO-BUY and he”s been accepting boxes ever since the first time he was asked so basically he said he does it every time he travels on a international flight leaving the US there”s always somebody there but now he tends to look for them and finds them no problem but then he told me he does not deliver the packages and he laughed and said he just keeps them because he”s not sure who or where the scam is coming from or what it”s about but he knows it”s a scam and figures what comes around goes around to the company at least because he knows it”s some kind of scam so what he does is he scams them back because somehow he thinks something bad will happen like he”ll get arrested or something at the post office for doing something illegal if he does send it out he”s not sure how the scams working but he”s not sending nothing out he decided if you can”t beat them join them. So far he”s gotten computers, gift cards. etc all sorts of stuff. Now I think I know what”s going on at this place wow I wasn”t going to send nothing here I just wanted to Google the company to see what it was about now I know wow America”s great if people can just do this legally

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