Utah Pain Relief Institute Complaint


After 3 years of successful pain management at the UPRI, that stemmed from a terrible accident that nearly cost me my leg. I was abruptly terminated verbally over the phone by the front desk receptionist, the call went something like this: ” This is Brenda from UPRI, Your terminated. We tried getting ahold of you for a pill count, left you s voicemail and since you meet responded there decision had been made”. Completely shocked, I tried to calmly explain that I didn’t have voicemail set up on my ATT phone. Therefore I never received a voicemail, nor did I see a missed call, email, letter nor did my emergency contact get a call from UPRI. I was sure she had me confused with some one else, and right away offered to drop everything I was doing to come in for a pill count. Which should have been fine due to the fact that I had a week’s left worth of my prescriptions left, but I was not given that opportunity just that I was not to show up to my next appointment, and would not get any kind of final care or a referral to a new doctor. I have never in my life been so deathly ill and in so much pain as I did over Christmas and the new year of 2015. Wondering what I had done wrong to deserve this kind of suffering? It affected my friends and family just as much almost.. After months of trying to discover the truth behind my termination without success, and countless attempts to have my medical records retrieved, without answer. I clearly think this is a case of discrimination and my character has been defemated beyond repair. I did everything I could to prove my innocence and that all this happened through no fault of my own, including countless calls, emails, and documentation that proved there was never an initial voicemail left asking for me to come in for a pill count. I have recordings that prove how much they are contracting themselves, and most recently wad told that I. Just barely requested my medical records on march 7th 2016, and that they need 30 days to prepare them. I have finally got an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow and won’t be able to provide my records.. I have email communication dating back from 12/15 showing my request for my medical records, doing with 30 days of care(due to the fact I was on such a high amount of opiate medication and would be put in medical emergency if I was just cut off) as well as a written letter of termination stating why I was terminated, and finally a referral to a new doctor. Non of which has been answered.. I want my reputation restored and my name cleared, I deserve answers and compensation for what I, and the people around me, have had to go through.. I’m sure I’m not the only one that this has happened to.. We need to make sure this type of treatment doesn’t go unheard!!

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