Vacation Properties by Owner Spring Texas Review


My experience is the same as described by another report. In February, 2017 Michael Scott contacted me to let me know he had a buyer for my timeshare (Thomas White). Thomas White contacted me and was interested. Mr. Scott and Mr. White agreed on a sale price ($14000.00 ). I was told a contract was signed by Mr. White. A legitimate looking contract (PDG) was also sent to me which I esigned using DocuSign. Supposedly Mr. White put up $1,600 as a deposit. Things would proceed after they received $800 from me for their services. I sent the money and nothing was happening. Thomas White stalled it several times by saying he needed to get the money from his bank, his wife was out fo town taking of his sick Mother, etc. On July 2017 Michael Scott emailed me and said: “The Whites bank called me yesterday and they will only lend the Whites the amount of the sales price less the 10% they have already given as deposit. The Whites Closing costs are 731.12 and their bank will not add it to the loan

I spoke to Tom and he said he doesn’t have anymore out of pocket monies to put out as he has already given the 10% as deposit. I have authorized you a full refund. I apologize I did my best.”” A week later

I cannot contact White

Gravley or Scott

either by email or phone. Voice mail boxes at the company are all fulll

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