Concord Ohio Review


We contacted about a vacation package to Hilton Head that appeared to be a good bargain. We were told that the package included 3 days and 2 nights at a luxuary hotel but with the contingency that we attend a 90 minute session which included touring a time share property. We had never did this before but thought for the money, why not give it a try. nWe were sent the package which did not tell us where we would be staying. When we called to find out, the person we spoke with simply said we would find that out once we checked in. We drove 13 hours to Hilton Head Island and checked in at the Guest Services as we were instructed to do. The woman informed us we would be staying at the Days Inn. We asked if that was correct and insisted that we were told we would be staying at a rsort. They said they did not have anything other than Days Inn’s. nWe thought OK, we will just go with it. We walked in to our room and there were 2 roaches on the floor and we said no way. We immediately went back to the welcome center and asked for another hotel which, of course, there were none available. So we went back to the motel and asked for a different room. The rooms were small but at least the second room did not appear to have roaches. We went to the time share tour on Friday and it all appeared to be a staged game. nThey were telling us how we deserved to be in a much nicer hotel and how they were going to set us up for the remainder of our stay in a nice hotel (if we purchased a time share of course) which when they found out we were not buying also went down the drain. This is all one big hoak and a major rip off. Sure, we were given $50 in gift certificates to spend on the island and a few discount cards but for what we paid for our room, we could have booked through Expedia or some other travel agency for the same price. nStay away from this Vacation, you will be surely disappointed. Btw, we met several other people who fell for the same thing as we did. Its just unfortunate that a major company like RCI which is THE major player in time share sales condones such misleading and fraudulent activities. nEricnConcord, OhioU.S.A.

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