We went to the presentation and spent a couple of hours being persuades to purchase a membership and finally we did. This was on May4 2014, to date we have not received the promised information, even after calling and speaking to three different people. First we were told we were not registered, then they found our information, but it not been processed,this was six weeks later. We were then told we were now registered and they would be sending out all the information we needed to book. We did receive a large package but it was not a catalog, just a "picture book" with a brief description of the country or cruises that are part of their operation. We feel we were just going round in circles trying to get answers and being transferred from one person to another but no specific details as to how to activate our membership or a catalog have been provided as yet, 4 months later. Very upset about wasting so much money. I am disgusted at such a rip off they should be charged for fraud

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