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upport my claim in fuVacayo signed a year lease with us to rent out our house, they would take possesion of the home and then rent it out as an air b&b and take care of the maint, cleaning, and leasing. In return they would pay us monthly rent. After an paying the first 2 months up front they were late on month 3 and never paid again, to date they owe us 18k in back rent and 8k in damages. We started the eveition process, it took 45 days, during those 45 days they coontinued to rent it out at bargin prices to get every penny they could. Once the eviction day came they removed what items they had, and stole our property, taking our ac thermostats, towels, rugs, kitchen ware and if my wife had not shown up with the police our furniture. We pleaded with Isabel, to leave our belongings and she just hung up on us. We were forced to issue a warrent for the arrest of her staff to which she was informed of and did not care. Some boss she is. I have FULL documentation of the evection, damages, stolen items, warrents and can sll. If you hear of Vacayo please be aware.

444 CASTRO STREET MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94041 San Diego, california United States

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