Valerie Rocha Orlando, Florida Florida


My husband and I have been together since we were 15 and have recently after 8 years got married. So about 3 days ago I found out that my husband was cheating. I always suspected because he always left the room to answer a call. Or he was hiding his phone. I finally decided to check his phone record. And to my not so much surprise it was confirm and turns out it was the same woman who had intervene for the third time just this year!. They would call each other while I was at school. I had already told this so called woman to stay out of our marriage. But she is just desperate for attention, which I don’t understand why if she has a baby daddy/boyfriend. My husband and I have decided to work things out he doesn’t want to lose his family. He explained to me that it was her calling him and insisting him to talk. He also said that he knew the type of woman she is, and that obviously he wasn’t trying to leave me for a person who doesn’t compare close to who I am. BUT we cannot move on if this woman won’t stop stalking him. I think exposing her will finally push her out of our marriage.

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