After visiting the website at, I emailed them and asked if I could purchase a 25 euro paysafe card. they replied that I could, and that I should send them $28 usd. I did so, but never received any emails after that. These guys are crooks. Emails: Victim – i’m in the us and I need to buy a euro 25 paysafe card usable in the eu. how much for this, and how would I get the funds to you? Validexchanger – yes we have 25 euro paysafecard Selling it for 28 usd You can pay through bitcoins Victim – how can I do that? (pay with bitcoins?) Validexchanger – send 28 usd bitcoin to this address 37cjdlld7ruc1f3bmy4eh285enlsgbwuqc Victim – bitcoin sent.

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