Value City Furniture N BRUNSWICK New Jersey


Complaint: I was assured by the sales person that the Rect table w/marble inlay would be protected by their 5 Year Protection Plan if I purchased it, which I did. Then, 3 years later when a ceiling fan fell down on the table and cracked one of the tiles, I called to let the know that it needed to be fixed and I was told by Natalie, Manager of Value City Furniture that I should read the last page of the “5 Year No Worry”” Service Agreement which states: “”Marble surfaces”” are not covered under this policy.”” When I told her I was assured by their sales person that it was covered

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Address: she again

Website: not to purchase Value City Furniture’s Protection Plan without getting specific details in writing first as to what piece of furniture would be covered first! I have been duped and I want Justice.”

Phone: referred me to the last page of the Agreement. I consider this to be “”fraudulent”” and was given incorrect information at the time of the sale just so I would purchase the Protection Plan. I was told only the “”wood”” damage would be fixed. What good is that

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