Valvoline Communications


I don’t know exactly who owns this company, but since there are franchises all over the world, literally. I assume its another USA corporate company, like so many from Dun & BradStreet with investors.

Valvoline advertising, expresses “wait in your car” so you “can see the job” getting done. No you really can’t see what the employee is doing or how they are doing it. This is FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I have been to them before for services, only because of TIME being a factor, but now, so has the service.

Yesterday I had transmission service done, which should take about 30 minutes, to flush clean and replace filters etc. It was done in 10mins and the manager Stephen tried getting me for $200 bucks, after I told him I called and spoke to a Luis, who quoted me $169. Stephen provided a coupon which I already had given him. He also mention how Luis is from the call center and they don’t always know what their talking about. I confirmed this, it turned out to be a lie.

The customer service is fine, it’s the CAR service I disagree with and false advertising. I caught these boys lying to me several times and when I asked them to explain the process of how they service the “transmission”, Stephen spoke rapidly and it boiled down to $170.10 of “ONLY CHANGING THE FLUID”.

Wow I could have saved myself at least $110 dollars purchased fluid from Autozone and did it myself.

My filter was NOT changed, and the employee told me he could NOT show me the dirty fluid that was removed. This company trains these kids to lie to customers, half baked service done in a few minutes of time. Its obvious to me turn over is a FACTOR of high prices providing half baked service in a few minutes is the actually point of business.

However, disregarding the fact my transmission could cost me a lot more in the long run because of poor service and not being flushed and cleaned properly. I will be taking this to someone else and have it checked again. So I called corporate to make a compalint outside of the store on a higher level, no one cares. Mara took the complaint who was in another state only to email Stephen and tell him about my complaint, which he called me this morning. I hung up, VALVOLINE IS A CORRUPT BUSINESS!!!

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Lexington
Address 3499 Blazer Parkway.
Phone (626) 346-2279

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