Vantage Deluxe World Travel Review


As someone who has traveled extensively, I can say without hesitation that Vantage Cruises was the worst travel experience of my life. Our passenger group of 176 had one tour director and one concierge. During a shore excersion I came down with what turned out to be food poisoning, I contracted after eating breakfast onboard. During our excursion, I was too sick to leave the tour bus, and requested a return trip to the boat, which was deinied! I was told I could stay on the bus and that the bus driver would look after me (I didn’t know I had food poisoning at this point). Once all the passenger had disembarked the bus, the driver moved to a new location, parked, locked the door, and left the bus. I didn’t know where we were, didn’t speak the language and the outside temperture was 32*. There was no heat on the bus, no water, no blanket and eventually no toilet paper in the bathroom. After 3.5 hours the driver returned to the bus and drove back into the city.Our tour guide arrived with several passsenger, who also wished to remine on the bus. We all then waited another 1.5 hours ( without driver, heat, water or toilet paper) before the remaining passengers returned to the bus. By evening I had recovered to the point that I recognized that my symptoms were the result of food poisoning. Additionally, several of the passengers on board had gotten sick with the flu, including the six of the people in our group. There were crew members who were obviously ill, (coughing, sweating) who said that they were ill from the previous trip, and were continuing to work. The boat was vastly under staffed, meals were excruciating, a limited wait staff running through the dinning salon, obviously sweating and in some instances coughing, apologizing for delays in service. While the vessel was new, and very luxurious, the itinery felt rushed and poorly timed. I hope this review helps save someone the risk of sharing the same experience. .

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